Amazon employees in Coventry go on strike for a second day

Amazon employees on strike

An additional day of industrial action by union members at an Amazon fulfillment center has started.

Workers at the Coventry depot were the first in the UK to go on strike against the huge online retailer in January over pay issues.

Though the GMB union is not recognized by Amazon, it is calling for a pay increase from £10.50 to £15 an hour.

Amazon claimed to provide competitive pay that had increased by 29% since 2018 in addition to other benefits.

Striking Amazon workers
There is a recognized picket line outside the Coventry center.

There will be additional activity on Thursday and for one week, from March 13 to March 17.

The Coventry location, where Amazon stock is scanned and sent to fulfillment centers to be shipped to customers, employs about 1,500 people.

More than 350 employees at the center, according to the GMB, were anticipated to participate in the dispute.

On Tuesday morning, according to union representative Stuart Richards, there were about 200 employees outside the site.

Amazon workers taking action over pay
Amazon claimed to provide competitive pay that had increased by 29% since 2018.

According to him, the official picketers had been successful in convincing two lorries and "quite a few" of their coworkers to leave the area.

Following the initial industrial action, the striking employees were "incredibly upbeat," he continued.

"Members are organizing themselves, so it's amazing to see them get so energized and keep fighting for pay," one member said. ".

Amazon factory Coventry
Following a day-long walkout by hundreds of workers in January over a pay dispute, action was taken on Tuesday.

Only a "miniscule percentage" of Amazon's workforce, the company claimed, was involved in the dispute.

The company claimed in a statement that, "In fact, according to the verified figures, only a fraction of 1% of our UK employees voted in the ballot - and that includes those who voted against industrial action.".

We're proud to offer competitive pay that starts at a minimum of between £10.50 and £11.45 per hour, depending on location, and we appreciate the excellent work our teams do throughout the year.

Additionally, employees are given access to a wide range of benefits worth thousands more, such as private health insurance, life insurance, subsidised meals, and employee discounts, to name a few.

. "

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