Brewdog, a leading UK brewer, now sells beer in China

Label for Brewdog Punk IPA

Following a partnership with brewing behemoth Budweiser, UK-based craft beer maker Brewdog is growing in China.

Budweiser China and the Scottish company will collaborate to brew Punk IPA and other beers in China.

Brewdog also claims that it intends to expand its bar network in the second-largest economy on earth.

This comes after the company raised the possibility of pursuing a stock market listing in response to recent controversies.

Brewdog founder James Watt called the Budweiser partnership "transformational" in a statement, adding that it would spread the craft brewery to "every corner of the world's largest beer market.".

According to the agreement, Budweiser China's Putian craft brewery, located in the southeasterly province of Fujian, will start producing Brewdog's beers by the end of the following month.

In the following three years, the company stated that it also intends to open a number of bars across the nation.

Less than 1% of Brewdog's total sales currently come from China, the largest beer market in the world.

After an agreement with Asahi in Japan in 2021, which Brewdog claimed helped it double its sales there, this is the company's second partnership in Asia.

The company claims to have a network of more than 110 bars worldwide, but only one in China. The city's Jing'An neighborhood is home to Brewdog Shanghai, which debuted in 2020.

The company, which has its headquarters in Scotland, employs over 2,300 people and operates breweries in Brisbane, Australia, Berlin, Germany, and Ohio, a state in the United States.

The company reportedly had planned to begin selling shares on the London stock market in 2020, but the pandemic forced pubs and bars to close during lockdowns, delaying the decision.

Although Mr. Watt claimed Brewdog has no immediate plans to resume a share sale, he did make a suggestion that one might happen by the year's end.

Brewdog reported an operating loss of £5.5m ($6.6m) for the fiscal year 2021.

Both the company's workplace culture and its marketing initiatives have drawn criticism.

Mr. Watt claimed in January of this year that he had distributed nearly £500,000 to winners of the business' deceptive "solid gold" beer can promotion.

After learning that the cans were gold-plated, some winners questioned their value and voiced their complaints.

In a separate letter from former employees, dated June 2021, it was claimed that former employees "suffered mental illness" as a result of working for the brewer.

It made a number of accusations, including that Brewdog encouraged an environment where employees were reluctant to voice their concerns.

Former employees received an apology from Mr. Watt, who also promised to improve as CEO as a result of their complaints.

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