A cardboard replica of the Ipswich building will be constructed for the festival.

Ipswich's Willis Building.

As part of an arts festival, a life-size cardboard replica of an Ipswich structure will be constructed and demolished.

Works by regional and international artists are on display throughout the city during the biennial Spill Festival of Performance.

For the celebrations in October, locals are being asked to suggest which buildings they would like to see made out of cardboard.

"We would love to hear your ideas for what we might build," said artistic director Robin Deacon. ".

The townspeople will use cardboard boxes and tape to construct one of French artist Olivier Grossetête's Monumental Constructions.

"Perhaps you would like to see a cardboard replica of the Willis Building, the first listed building built in the 20th century," suggested Mr. Deacon.

"Or maybe you'd prefer to see Cardinal Wolsey's long-promised but never entirely realized Cardinal College finally built in Ipswich.

Or perhaps you would like to see a cardboard replica of a structure that holds a special place in your heart, such as your old school or the church where you were married.

Building the 22m (72ft) People's Tower took more than eight hours.

According to Grossetête's website, the public is invited to help with the building's demolition for his Monumental Constructions. The public is asked to jump and trample on the boxes after it has been taken down. An essential component of the project is this. We enjoy this symbolic moment. ".

Later this year, the organizers will compile a shortlist of ideas and put them up for public vote.

During Spill 2021, more than 30,000 people attended at least 100 events, including massive art installations, family workshops, and music.

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