A staff conflict training study is prompted by rowdy Clacton theater patrons

inside the Clacton Princes Theatre

A theatre manager stated that due to an increase in "rowdy and foul-mouthed" patrons, conflict management training for staff was being considered.

The issue, according to Kai Aberdeen, manager of the Princes Theatre in Clacton, Essex, was getting worse.

He claimed that employees had been attacked by an "inebriated" customer after staff noticed people bringing in bottles of vodka rather than bottled water.

He argued that theaters ought to be "a place of decorum.".

According to Mr. Aberdeen, who spoke to numerous managers at various theaters, "it's been noticed everywhere.". "Since the lockdown, we've noticed more, and it appears to be getting worse.

"A lot of people are choosing to bring in bottles of vodka now instead of bottles of water, which is very concerning. ".

It is "very difficult to monitor someone just swigging vodka in the auditorium," he said, even though the theater serves alcohol at the bar.

Clacton Town Hall
The town hall contains the theater.

The manager claimed that there had been several instances where patrons' actions damaged other people's enjoyment of the show or caused staff to feel uneasy.

He said, "We're thinking about giving our front-of-house staff conflict management training at this point.".

"We don't expect them to perform the duties of door staff, but we have a duty of care to keep them safer because they are just regular people who check tickets and direct people to their seats and the restrooms.

They are not there to deal with boisterous, foul-mouthed individuals. ".

He claimed that the theater had frequently had to hire licensed door staff for performances "if we expect the rowdy element.".

"In a nightclub, it's understandable, but in a theater, you don't expect people to get so drunk that they don't care about other people's experiences.

. "

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