Alex Jones: One Show host admitted to locking King Charles in a bathroom.

Jones, Alex.

Among TV presenter Alex Jones' early professional blunders are locking King Charles in a toilet, misplacing a famous composer's cello, and getting fired twice from her first job.

The One Show host revealed that her encounter with the future monarch occurred while working as a researcher for a TV production company during an interview with journalist, author, and host of the How to Fail podcast Elizabeth Day.

He was launching a project to provide young people in underserved areas of Wales with opportunities and media training after the company was awarded a grant.

In the men's restroom, Ms. Jones claimed she was aware that the river next to the structure "had a bit of a stench to it.".

Ms. Jones, she claimed, "took the initiative" and went to get the key to lock it so the Prince wouldn't smell it.

They exclaimed, "We don't know where he is, there was this huge sense of panic. Prince Charles has actually vanished, she claimed.

"And I said, 'There must be an assistant or something who knows where he is,' but they replied, 'No, we can't find him either,' which I found odd.

When the Prince was nearby, she claimed she heard knocking coming from the men's restroom.

He was "lovely," Ms. Jones said, and "just saw the funny side.".

Davina McCall presided over Ms. Jones' final university exams in Magaluf, according to Ms. Jones.

When Ms. Jones was a student at Aberystwyth University, she was given the chance to participate in a game show called Prickly Heat that was being filmed in Majorca at the same time as her final exams.

They flew her exam papers to Magaluf after pleading with her university to let her leave.

Exactly at the same time as my friends in Wales, Ms. Jones was sitting in a gym, where Davina was yelling, "Right, you have half an hour left.".

I thought at the time, "This is fine, but it's surreal now. ".

Ms. Jones recalled how she got into presenting and said she was fired twice but "just kept going back on the Monday.".

"Well, no, I like this job, it's not like a proper job, I just thought," the person said. ".

She also made the mistake of taking the renowned composer Alun Hoddinott to the drive-through at McDonald's because she was unable to pay for a meal.

Julian Lloyd Webber, the conductor and composer, who was "furious," also lost his cello.

He has fantastic eyebrows, but they were moving erratically because he was so furious.

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