An independent South Yorkshire band, The Reytons, has a UK number one album

The Reyton family

With their self-released What's Rock And Roll album, the independent rock band The Reytons achieved their first ever UK number one album position.

The South Yorkshire band has been campaigning for weeks to win, and in the evening they opened a pop-up store at Meadowhall to sell their record.

The group claimed that their achievement was a victory for "normal people.".

Frontman Jonny Yerrell continued, "We've worked our entire lives for this. ".

The pop up shop in Meadowhall, Sheffield
The group has been promoting its album at a temporary store in Meadowhall.

The group, which also includes drummer Jamie Todd, guitarist Joe O'Brien, and bassist Lee Holland, was formed in 2017 and their debut record, Kids Off the Estate, which just missed the top 10, was released in 2021.

Yerrell asserted that he thought the band's appeal stemmed from their reputation as "honest, transparent lads.".

We're writing typical songs because we're typical people living in typical circumstances, and as a result, we're number one in the UK. ".

The musician claimed that throughout the week, the band, along with their family, friends, and managers, had "grafted" as hard as they could.

"The neighborhood, the Meadowhall residents who have been stopping by our store to buy our albums, it's felt like it was the 1990s - there's a nostalgic feel to what we've done this week. ".

According to bassist Holland, his mother was the first person he called to share the news.

When you get a number one, I believe you call that person first, he said.

"Your mothers are the first to witness all the sacrifices it takes to get here. ".

The group, which is unaffiliated with a record company, claimed to have done everything on their own and that they now have a Brit award in their sights.

Yerrell said, "We were going to literally start writing our next album today. We knew what we were going to do if we failed.

"But we've finally won, so we're probably just going to get drunk," someone said.

. "

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