Baftas 2023: Stars discuss preparing for war in Hollywood

Kammerer, Felix

Hollywood celebrities get to flaunt their designer outfits, suits, and pricey jewelry on the Baftas red carpet.

All Quiet on the Western Front, a World War One epic, won seven awards this year, including the crucial best film honor.

But the location of the Netflix movie was as far away from the glitz and glamour of an A-list awards season as you could possibly imagine.

Director Edward Berger aimed to accurately portray the circumstances faced by the troops at the time through the taxing shoot.

Additionally, the movie's star, Felix Kammerer, said it was challenging in an interview with BBC Newsbeat on the Baftas red carpet.

The 27-year-old claimed, "I trained a lot beforehand.".

And because we were actually running with 90 pounds of equipment on us in the mud and the cold, I believe it significantly increased the film's sense of realism.

"So I believe it simply aided us. ".

Berger, who won the best director award, paid tribute to those engaged in the conflict in Ukraine in one of many speeches he gave in gratitude.

Felix, an Austrian actor who made his film debut, believes that the invasion of Russia makes the movie's themes even more poignant and current.

"I think it just proves to us time and time again that war never ends," he said.

"And it is our duty to put a stop to it. And it is clear that we are not becoming any smarter.

So perhaps we ought to consider what is wrong with us rather than what is wrong with war.

Sheila Atim
On the red carpet, Sheila Atim opted for a warrior-chic look.

Newsbeat also spoke to rising star nominee Sheila Atim, who portrays a warrior in the Viola Davis-led film The Woman King.

Sheila had a lot of work to do while filming because the movie is about a group of all-female warriors defending the African kingdom of Dahomey.

"Training. Lots of training, daily workouts in the gym, daily stunt practice, she said.

"And mentally, too; you have to be genuinely motivated to do it. Anyone who has participated in a HIIT workout is aware of the significant mental component.

It was important to continue playing and to support one another during what was a difficult process. ".

What was it like to portray a warrior in a movie with so many other fierce female characters?

We might not want to train, but Sheila said, "I mean, we all want to play the warrior.".

"The chance to do that, understanding some of the history, reading the scripts, and how meticulously the action was described in the script.

"In order for me to see the fight scenes and the vision, as well as our need to take part in this, ".

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