BBC Radio 1Xtra will lose Reece Parkinson, and Lady Leshurr will take her place

Carson Parkinson

Reece Parkinson, a drive-time presenter who joined BBC Radio 1Xtra seven years ago as an intern, is leaving the station.

Before succeeding MistaJam in 2020, the DJ worked his way up the ranks and hosted a weekend program.

He referred to his time spent working at the station as a "life-changing experience.".

As the station announces a significant schedule reorganization, Lady Leshurr, who is scheduled to go on trial for allegedly assaulting her ex-girlfriend, is also being replaced.

Since being charged in October, the 35-year-old Birmingham resident's Saturday afternoon show has been off the air.

Later this year, she will stand trial on two counts of assault resulting in actual bodily harm. She rejects the accusations.

Reece joined 1Xtra in 2016 and has since hosted the station's flagship news and current affairs program, 1Xtra Talks, as well as the Weekend Breakfast Show.

He started training for an ultramarathon for a Newsbeat documentary the same year he got the drive-time job.

Days before he was scheduled to run, the DJ received a shocking diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, forcing him to withdraw. But six months later, he resumed his training and finished a torturous 50-mile race.

Reece claimed that he had "fulfilled my intention of bringing positivity and light to the audience" during his time at 1Xtra.

Now, he exclaimed, "I'm so excited to go and create more life-changing experiences at scale in my next project.".

Remi Burgz, a 2021 addition to 1Xtra, will take over the coveted 16:00–19:00 time period.

"I am so thankful for this chance; I can't believe I've been trusted to continue this fantastic slot," she said.

There are big shoes to fill after Reece Parkinson, but I'm up for the challenge. ".

Lady Leshurr
Since she was accused of assault, Lady Leshurr has not been on television.

Joelah Noble will host the Saturday 13:00–16:00 show in Lady Leshurr's place.

Following the Lionesses' victory at Euro 2022 last summer, Joelah served as the official host of a behind-the-scenes YouTube show. She described the new show as a "dream.".

"Having my own slot is a dream because radio is one of my all-time favorite things," she said.

When Kaylee Golding fills Remi's 13:00–16:00 time slot, the station will also host its first weekday show to originate outside of London.

Kaylee expressed her "extreme excitement" about hosting from her hometown of Birmingham.

New 1Xtra line-up
On April 3, the new 1Xtra lineup will go into effect.

The schedule alterations would start taking effect on April 3rd, according to 1Xtra's head of station Faron McKenzie.

As a native of Birmingham, he said, "I'm so proud to be making good on that promise and bringing 1Xtra to such a wonderful and diverse city.".

"I'm eager to watch Kaylee represent, make new connections with audiences, and bring her vivacious Brummie energy to 1Xtra afternoons.

He said Reece would be missed by everyone at the network and that they wished him luck on his exciting new endeavors.

"Remi has also established a remarkable bond with our listeners in such a brief period of time, demonstrating her status as a broadcasting diva.

"To top it all off, Joelah is prepared to get started right away on her new show, and her upbeat, amiable vibes make her ideal for Saturday afternoons. ".

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