Cambridge Big Weekend was postponed due to cost

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The council decided to cancel Cambridge's Big Weekend music festival because it was too expensive in its current form.

At a meeting on Thursday, the majority of the Cambridge City Council members decided to put an end to the yearly celebration.

By not hosting it, the Labour-led authority claimed it would save £113,000 annually.

Some of the "most valuable aspects" of the weekend, according to council executive member Alex Collis, could be incorporated into other activities.

The event on Parker's pc\. was "expensive" and could not go on as it was, according to Ms. Collis, executive councillor for open spaces, food justice, and community development. However, she acknowledged that she had heard people's concerns about canceling the event.

You do the math because we have, she said, "Sponsorships are down and infrastructure costs are up across all events.".

Martin Smart, a fellow Labour councilor, externally stated: "Parties are great when you can afford them, but times are tough. ".

The Liberal Democrat group argued the council should continue with the event this year, prompting criticism from some opposition council members, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

It was "shocking," according to Liberal Democrat councilwoman Lucy Nethsingha, that the event would be postponed.

Labour's Anna Smith, the council's leader, stated that although the authority did not want to have to think about whether it could continue to fund the festival, it would have to find savings of about £11 million over the following five years.

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