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What do Tom Holland, Raye, and Adele all have in common?

They all attended the Brit School, which has turned out some of the best musicians and actors in the UK.

However, the performing arts academy is based in London, just like so many other things.

The school's operator, the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), has now announced plans to launch a second campus in Bradford.

The Brit School North, a new branch in West Yorkshire, hopes to duplicate its success in London if it is granted government approval.

Additionally, some city center residents that BBC Newsbeat spoke to believe that the new school could produce "the Bradford Adele," including Hibah Amaan.

If you had never heard of the plans before, you might be surprised to learn that the city has produced some fairly well-known artists.

Zayn Malik and Bad Boy Chiller Crew are Bradford natives who, according to Brit School administrators, were drawn to the city's vibrant cultural scene.

Nia Archives
According to Nia Archives, she had to move to London in order to further her career.

Nia Archives, a DJ and producer who was born there, tells BBC Newsbeat that it might give the UK arts scene some much-needed balance.

She claims, "I feel like music and the creative industries are really centered around London.

Therefore, I believe that opportunities for young people living in the north to enter the industry would be truly amazing. ".

Nia, who is currently up for a Brits Rising Star Award, was born and raised in Leeds before relocating to Manchester at the age of 16.

But she claims that in the end, she moved to London to further her career.

"But I do believe that, looking back, I could have entered much earlier if there had been some kind of resource or opportunities or like, you know, workshops.

Therefore, I believe that something like the Brit School in Bradford, in the north, would be really amazing and important, and it removes barriers, for young people. ".

Jack and Kenzo
Bradford, according to Jack and Kenzo, has a vibrant music scene but is less well known than other major cities.

Rappers Kenzo and Jack from the area are aware of barriers.

According to Kenzo, "I think Bradford has a bad reputation and that we might not be as good as the rest of the country.".

Additionally, creatives and artists will fare much better if they reside in the south. We have the chance to demonstrate our talent with the Brit School coming up here. ".

"There is a really significant creative scene in Bradford that people don't talk about," continues Jack. There are numerous artists, musicians, and productions taking place.

"Obviously, everyone is trying to make their own way in the world, but I think that a program like the Brit School could really aid those looking to work in that field. ".

The group is aware of the value of going their own way, according to Gareth Kelly, better known as GK from the Bad Boy Chiller Crew.

Before they started receiving significant airplay for their songs, they started out as "musical pranksters," posting tracks on Facebook and Snapchat.

They are now Brit Award nominees, have performed millions of plays, and are touring the nation to sold-out audiences.

The Chiller Crew members, however, "never had that chance to go to a school, we had to do it ourselves, what these schools do - put people on platforms and help them," according to GK.

He claims that when he first heard the news, he was "gobsmacked.".

"The Brit School is such a huge deal.

It's a really smart concept. Of course, it's great for my Bradford neighbors and anyone else who wants to play this kind of game. ".

  • It is free to enroll because it is a comprehensive school supported by the government.
  • However, only 10% of its students come from outside the Greater London Area.
  • You can study backstage technical topics and things like game design; it's not just for performers.
  • The school maintains that it is not selective; in an interview with Newsbeat in 2017, the principal stated that they "see pretty much everyone who applies.".
  • The school has come under fire for allegedly prioritizing popular music over other genres.
  • Additionally, former pupils who have achieved success have been charged with having an unfair advantage over their peers.

Why the Brit School is more than just a fame academy, continue reading.

If the Bradford Brit School is given the go-ahead to open, administrators anticipate welcoming its first students in 2026.

Until then, GK and Nia both have insight for aspiring musicians.

There are obstacles as well as great strides, according to GK.

If you have a dream and a passion, never give up. The world is yours to own and is available for your taking. ".

Nia continues, "Be egotistical. Produce the music, movies, and other media that you want to see, hear, and experience.

"And just keep going because you shouldn't really give up on something if you love it. ".

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