Drew Barrymore describes the nomination of a child actor as bullying at the 2023 Razzies

Barrymore, Drew

Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore blasted the Razzies organizers for "bullying" a young actor.

By nominating 12-year-old Ryan Keira Armstrong for her work in the movie Firestarter, the parody awards, which celebrate the worst movies and performances, sparked outrage.

During a CBS Talk of the Table segment, former child star Drew Barrymore declared that "all bets are off" when discussing children.

The organizers of the Razzie Awards have apologized and added an age restriction.

On January 25, John Wilson, one of the founders of the Razzie Awards, apologized and said: "Occasionally, you act carelessly and are called out on it. Then it clicks. It's the main reason the Razzie Awards were established in the first place.

Armstrong's name has been eliminated from the final ballot that our members will cast next month as a result. We also feel that Ms. Armstrong deserves a public apology and would like to express our regret for any hurt we may have caused her. ".

Every year, the Razzies—which dubbed themselves the "ugly cousin to the Oscars"—announce their winners one day ahead of the Oscars. It has angered numerous actors, directors, and fans over the years, so controversy is nothing new to it.

Barrymore, 47, also portrayed Armstrong in the 1984 adaptation of the movie Firestarter when she was nine years old.

She has a ton of experience working as a child actor thanks to her role in E. T. Extraterrestrial and Insurmountable Disparities.

Ryan Keira Armstrong
The latest Firestarter adaptation features Ryan Keira Armstrong, 12 years old.

Armstrong was previously interviewed by Barrymore on her US daytime television program, The Drew Barrymore Show, and she remarked that the 12-year-old "could not have been lovelier.".

She continued on Talk of the Table, "I don't like it because she is younger.". .

"We do need to be careful how we talk to or about people because that just invites more people to jump on the bandwagon.

"I'm glad to see that people said, "This isn't right," rather than joining in the "let's make fun of her" trend.

. "

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