During her Renaissance World Tour, Beyoncé performed five times in one month

In front of the stage during Beyonce's Renaissance tour is Bilal Rouabah. He is holding up a lanyard with the tour...

Most people can only dream of hearing a shout-out from their hero in front of more than 60,000 people.

But when Beyoncé pointed directly at him and said, "You motivate me, I see you're back again," Bilal Rouabah's dream became a reality. ".

To be fair to Queen Bey, she would have been better off skipping superfan Bilal, who had attended her Renaissance World Tour five times in as many weeks.

He also undoubtedly recorded the once-in-a-lifetime event on video because it has received a million views on Twitter.

What do you do then if Beyoncé recognizes you at her concert?

"I lost it completely; I couldn't believe it. As a result, I just screamed and fell to my knees, Bilal tells BBC Newsbeat.

"I will always cherish that special moment; it was one that I will never forget.

"I still find it hard to accept. I'm still analyzing everything. ".

Bilal Rouabah in front of the stage at Beyonce's Renaissance tour. He's wearing a red coat and red bandana and blue-tinted sunglasses and his holding up a lanyard that's around his neck with the tour logo on it to the camera
When Queen Bey saw Bilal at her third London performance in a week, she most likely felt deja vu.

After attending the tour's opening show in Stockholm and another in Cardiff, Bilal saw Beyoncé three times last week in London.

There are many inquiries, chiefly "How did you get tickets for five shows?".

He says, "As many laptops or phones as you can, I always ask for help from my friends as well.".

"They are difficult to obtain; you must first exercise patience because you might not succeed in obtaining them on your first attempt. ".

Although Bilal says he has been saving for years, it wasn't cheap.

"We had plenty of time to prepare. I was eager to see her perform since it had been a while since she had been on tour.

"I definitely have my Beyoncé savings accounts. When you're a fan of Beyoncé, you have to learn how to save in advance.

"VIP tickets are pricey, and you also have to pay for travel, lodging, and merchandise. Therefore, I could easily say a few thousand. ".

Bilal Rouabah with his back to the camera. He has both his hands up with his thumbs pointing down to the words on his black T-shirt which says andquot;Beyoncé" and then says "Stockholm Sweden" underneath it. He is also wearing a shiny silver cowboy hat.
Last month, Bilal made sure to attend the opening performance of the Renaissance World Tour in Sweden.

After seeing Beyoncé a whopping 22 times, Bilal, a Frenchman who has lived in London for six years, claims it "never gets boring.".

He says the Renaissance tour has been special for him despite the fact that he is "done for now" after five shows in 26 days.

The 34-year-old claims, "I get to just enjoy myself, let go of all my problems, meet a lot of people in the BeyHive, and get lost in the music.".

And that's what Beyoncé wants, so that's the main point. ".

He also has a message for the famous person.

"I would like to thank her for everything. She has basically been a constant in my entire life and has been so inspirational.

"I think the Renaissance album gives us the confidence to just be ourselves. Everything she does for people who feel invalidated and marginalized. ".

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