For the Wakefield art trail, "Amazon Love God" sculpture plans have been submitted

A statue of "Amazon Love God."

A 1.9m (6ft 2in) tall "Amazon Love God" statue will be built as part of a £1 million art trail, according to submitted plans.

The sculpture by Jason Wilsher-Mills is planned for a location in Wakefield close to The Ridings shopping center.

This particular piece is one of five that will be included in a public art trail that runs from Westgate station to The Hepworth gallery.

The government will provide funding for the trail, which "aims to capture Wakefield's heritage of sculpture" and was first announced in December.

Jason Wilsher-Mills
Jason Wilsher-Mills, a Wakefield native, is one of the artists whose work was chosen for the public art trail.

Famous sculptors Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth were born in the city.

According to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, conservationist and naturalist Charles Waterton, who established what is regarded as the first nature reserve in the world on the grounds of his estate close to Wakefield, served as an inspiration for Mr. Wilsher-Mills' sculpture.

Waterton sponsored Wakefield Museum, which for more than 50 years housed a large portion of his collection of preserved animals, including a prized stuffed South American caiman.

The design of a South American God by Wilsher-Mills, according to the report, "is intended to reflect this interest.".

The installation, according to Wilsher-Mills, "is going to be an absolute game-changer.".

"I want it to spark romances for many years to come. I genuinely believe that this will redefine what sculpture is capable of, he said.

The Wakefield One, The Springs, and West Yorkshire History Centre are additional stops along the trail.

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