James Norton: Secrets, Happy Valley, and the crucial conclusion

Norton James

Despite the fact that his father also appears in the popular BBC series Happy Valley, Happy Valley star James Norton claims he hasn't even told him how the drama ends.

Since shooting the last series of the series last year, the actor has kept the ending a closely guarded secret.

Even though they were on set as extras, Norton said, "My dad is the worst holder of any secret, so I fiercely kept it away from him.".

It was enjoyable to see them bring their dog to Hebden Bridge when they occasionally appeared as extras. But no, I haven't really talked about it.

Additionally, I believe that nobody really wants to know. Rarely have I met a fan of the show who is eager to hear what happens despite their knowledge and love of it. ".

While viewers will have to wait until the final episode, which will air on February 5th, Norton did tell BBC entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson that he thinks it is incredibly written.

First to receive copies of the script were Norton and lead actress Sarah Lancashire, who kept quiet about it until the rest of the cast and crew began to receive access.

Everyone I've talked to who has read it has said, "Phew," he said. It's simply wonderful. Sally Wainwright, the author, is letting loose in her signature style. going against the grain while still giving you what you want. It was a pleasure to read.

"There's also a little bit of melancholy in there because it marks the closing of a very important chapter for everyone. ".

Clare Cartwright (SIOBHAN FINNERAN) andamp; Catherine Cawood (SARAH LANCASHIRE)
Siobhan Finneran plays Catherine Cawood's sister Clare, and Lancashire plays her.

Two Baftas for best drama have been awarded to the 2014-launched program. It is a series that Norton recognized early on as "special.".

The police drama, which was filmed in West Yorkshire's Calder Valley, delves into the life of sergeant Catherine Cawood (Lancashire), who is plagued by Norton's violent criminal Tommy Lee Royce.

The cast had to wait seven years after the first two seasons were filmed so that young actor Rhys Connah, who portrays Ryan, Tommy's son, could mature and the plot could advance.

In seven years, people change, Norton asserted. Clearly, Tommy has experienced a lot of trauma.

"We have extensively investigated both his mental well-being and the factors that motivate him. To some extent, Tommy has calmed down as he has progressed, matured, and grown. He has a complex about Jesus. The man has changed. ".

He is in numerous ways. As their friendship with Ryan grows, the audience gets to see more vulnerable parts of him. His motivations are now a "narcissistic" form of love, according to Norton, rather than hatred and retaliation.

Because of his character's development, the actor said the scenes he shot with Connah were "incredibly charged.". .

James Norton (right) and Rhys Connah
Rhys Connah (on the right) and James Norton.

However, Norton said that the role is still so much fun because of the darkness.

I've loved every turn this character has taken, he said. Being in a severely disturbed mind like Tommy has its drawbacks. You need to learn a lot about psychopathy and spend a lot of time understanding the thoughts of a man who is deeply suspicious and generally depressed and enraged.

But on the flip side, because he doesn't care what people think of him, you kind of feel invincible.

"There's something incredibly empowering about playing the bad guy - intriguing, always playing the kind of subversive dark criminal mind. ".

BBC One and broadcast the show every Sunday at 21:00 GMT. BBC iPlayer

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