Lincoln Cathedral's light show attracts crowds, as seen in photos

Luminaria Luxmuralis

10,000 people visited Lincoln Cathedral over the course of four days for a breathtaking light show, setting a record for one event.

The natural world served as inspiration for Luxmuralis's immersive projection display.

One of the artists, Peter Walker, claimed that the historic cathedral served as a "beautiful backdrop" for the performance last week.

According to the cathedral, the reaction was "overwhelmingly positive.".

Luxmuralis light show
It was described as a "truly immersive experience" by the organizers.

David Harper and Mr. Walker collaborated on the touring exhibit Life by Luxmuralis.

Luxmuralis light show
According to the cathedral, the reaction was "overwhelmingly positive.".

When describing the performance, Mr. Walker said: "If you picture the breathtaking interior of Lincoln Cathedral, you can pretty much guarantee that light and sound are present everywhere you look.". ".

The "truly immersive" experience, which included animals, oceans, and forests, took visitors on a journey from "sunrise to sunset," he said, likening it to seeing the "stained-glass windows of our time.".

Luxmuralis light show
Onto the interior of the old building were projected colorful kaleidoscope designs.
Luxmuralis light show
There were many interesting images in it.

More than 10,000 people attended Life by Luxmuralis, which was the largest crowd the cathedral has ever hosted for an event, according to a spokesperson for the cathedral.

"The responses have been overwhelmingly favorable. ".

Luxmuralis light show
According to the organizers, the show took viewers on a journey from sunrise to sunset.

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