Plan to crack down on anti-social behavior in Bradford City of Culture

Bradford City Hall was decorated with a projected City of Culture banner

In preparation for Bradford's year as City of Culture, plans are being developed to address anti-social behavior and littering, according to a report.

In 2025, the city will play host to the all-year arts festival.

Police authority may be reviewed to reduce crime, and licensing procedures may be streamlined to encourage bars and food establishments to open in time for the event.

To ensure that the city is "prepared and dressed," cleaning will be done.

A council meeting will be informed that preparations will include a review of street furniture, with any damaged furniture or "clutter" being removed. This is according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

According to the report, "preventing and deterring anti-social behavior" would be a top priority.

According to the report, "a significant growth in the cultural sector will attract increased visitor numbers, particularly in our urban centers - often during the darker evening hours.".

Bradford St George's Hall
One of the locations for events in 2025 will be the recently renovated St. George's Hall.

As we approach 2025, partnership work to assess the actual safety as well as the "feeling" of safety in key locations in our urban centers and other key cultural sites is necessary in order to identify areas that may present a greater risk.

"The program should collaborate with the District Community Safety Partnership to evaluate the risk of specific crime types, including acquisitive crimes, drug dealing, street drinking, and anti-social behavior, particularly in areas where cultural development may occur and where redevelopment may alter the "look and feel" of a location from what it is now. ".

Additional lighting, CCTV, and vegetation management are a few possible precautions.

Reviewing roadwork and maintenance plans "to ensure they maximize the impact on appearance of the city center, key routes into, and key locations throughout the district" is one of the additional measures being considered.

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