Talking points and the Andrea Riseborough shock during the 2023 Oscar nominations

Susan Riseborough

After the announcement of the Oscar nominations on Tuesday, award experts are still picking their jaws up off the floor.

Despite receiving a wave of late celebrity support, many Oscar watchers believed British actress Andrea Riseborough faced an uphill battle to receive a nomination in the fiercely competitive best actress category.

However, she received a nomination on Tuesday for her role as an alcoholic mother from Texas who struggles to make ends meet after blowing all of her lottery winnings in the film To Leslie.

Without a doubt, Riseborough is impressive in the low-budget movie, but even she was taken aback by the nod. After the nominations were announced, she told Deadline, "I'm astounded.". It's like a ray of sunshine that I didn't expect. I'm not really sure how this came about. ".

We do, however, have a sliver of an idea, which involves Gwyneth Paltrow, Edward Norton, Courteney Cox, Susan Sarandon, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet, Mark Ruffalo, Sarah Paulson, and Amy Adams.

They represent a small portion of the Hollywood A-listers who supported To Leslie, expressing their enthusiasm for the movie on social media in the final days of voting and in some cases even hosting their own screenings.

In recent days, it had kind of turned into a running gag that numerous posts praising the movie used the same phrase, referring to To Leslie as a "small film with a giant heart.". However, the copied-and-pasted tweets and Instagram posts were motivated by what seemed to be sincere admiration.

Ultimately, the efforts to bring the movie to the attention of the Academy were successful, but Riseborough's unusual campaign cannot be overstated.

When it first debuted, To Leslie reportedly only brought in $27,000 (£21,800) from ticket sales. (However, last week, it did earn at least an additional £4.49 when this reporter paid to rent it on a well-known streaming service. ).

The movie had its world premiere in March at South by Southwest. The movie largely went unnoticed because SXSW, unlike Toronto, Venice, or Cannes, is not a festival that is regarded as being a significant factor in the awards season.

Riseborough recalled, "There was a quiet lull after SXSW.". And then gradually, as the movie had a few screenings elsewhere, including at Raindance, which was significant because we hadn't had a release in the UK, we discovered that people were starting to talk about it.

Allison Janney
To Leslie stars Riseborough opposite I, Tonya actress Allison Janney, a past Oscar winner.

"And people were asking us, 'Why can't I go and see it? Where can I see it?' After a while, we were able to direct them to iTunes and Amazon, but it didn't happen right away. ".

Even so, it seemed unlikely that she would be nominated. Since we hadn't really been considered for anything else, Riseborough said that it was difficult to imagine that it might actually occur.

Importantly, the production team uploaded the movie to the Academy's viewing portal, making it easier for voters to view. The nomination Riseborough received for the Independent Spirit Awards, which honor small independent films, was undoubtedly helpful.

Some people, however, expressed doubt that the campaign was anything other than staged.

People are saying that this is such a lovely, organic movement, but Rebecca Ford of Vanity Fair has to tell you that this is not organic. "[Riseborough] has a very well-connected manager who is well-respected by actors, and they just took this opportunity to launch this campaign, which is what it is. ".

Riseborough has appeared in the films Birdman and Shadow Dancer as well as the TV programs ZeroZeroZero and National Treasure. She was previously nominated for a Bafta for her performance as a young Margaret Thatcher in the BBC's The Long Walk to Finchley.

Her first Oscar nomination is somewhat humbling for the many award viewers who typically take pride in foreseeing outcomes based on the countless movies they've seen and their sense of momentum on the scene at industry gatherings.

We will continue to talk about the Andrea Riseborough campaign for DECADES to come, only half-jokingly tweeted Erik Anderson of Awards Watch. ".

Until the Oscars on March 12 ceremony, we'll undoubtedly be discussing it.

Just four more discussion points from this year's nominations are provided here:.

All Quiet on the Western Front
The most nominations of any Netflix film are for All Quiet on the Western Front, which received nine.

In comparison to 2022, when Apple's Coda became the first movie from a streaming service to win best picture, streaming services have not had as successful a year at the Oscars.

Netflix's is this year. On the Western Front, all is quiet. is the sole nominee from a streaming service in the top category.

It is noteworthy that despite Netflix's extensive campaigning. Onion Glass. and . Pinocchio,. They each received only one nomination.

The marketing and campaigning for All Quiet, in contrast, stepped up a gear when it started to appear prominently at precursor ceremonies after which it did not initially appear to be a strong contender. It has now received nine Oscar nominations.

The rest of the best picture contenders were all released in theaters, though some are now streaming. Inisherin's Banshees. For instance, is currently airing on Disney in the UK just three months after its theatrical debut.

About half as many nominations were given to streaming services this year as they were last year. A total of 19 nominations came from Netflix, Apple, and Amazon, compared to 37 nominations in 2016.

Despite the strong likelihood that Netflix's All Quiet will win best picture, streaming's overall weaker year may be due in part to a resurgence of theatrical releases in the wake of the pandemic.

Paul Mescal
After appearing in the BBC drama Normal People, Paul Mescal quickly gained notoriety.

For best actor, four actors were seen as locks, and all were duly nominated on Tuesday (. Austin Butler, Bill Nighy, and Colin Farrell. and . Patrick Fraser. ), but it had been hotly contested as to who would win the fifth position.

Unexpectedly, an Irish actor was who it turned out to be. Peter Mescal. for his outstanding work in the. Aftersun. His character in the movie is a young Scottish father who is debating how to raise his daughter.

Mescal reacted angrily to his nomination, saying, "This is nuts!". "To be recognized by the Academy is such an incredible honor, and I'm sincerely appreciative. ".

He contributed to a very impressive performance by Irish actors and artists. The Inisherin Banshees. alone received four acting nominations (. Brendan Gleeson, Barry Keoghan, and Colin Farrell. and . Kevin Condon. Martin McDonagh won best actor, best director, and best picture.

Other places. An Cailn Ciin, or "The Quiet Girl.". became the first Irish-language film to be nominated for best international feature. An endearing and understated movie tells the tale of a shy young girl who spends the summer with her distant relatives.

Colm Bairéad, the film's writer and director, said the team was "honored beyond words" to be acknowledged.

Angela Bassett
In recognition of her work in Wakanda Forever, Angela Bassett has already received a Golden Globe.

Celeste Bassett. became the first actor in history to receive a nomination for a role in a Marvel movie.

Wakanda Forever: Black Panther. Queen Ramonda, the mother of the late Chadwick Boseman's character T'Challa, is played by Bassett once more.

The nominations for Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar: The Way of Water ensured that a record was still broken for the most sequels to make it into the shortlist in a single year, even though Wakanda Forever fell short of winning best picture.

Brian Tyree Henry
For his work in Apple's Causeway, Brian Tyree Henry is nominated.

Mr. Brian Tyree Henry. whose Jennifer Lawrence is opposite in the fantastic Apple film. Causeway,. surprisingly received a nomination for best supporting actor.

This came as a huge but very pleasant surprise. As Lawrence's character begins to recover from a traumatic brain injury, Henry plays a mechanic who befriends her.

Other surprises were present. Mr. Hong Chau. becoming a finalist for the best supporting actress award. The Whale. , and . Ana de la Armas. being recognized for portraying Marilyn Monroe in the contentious. Blonde,. only a day after receiving several Razzie nominations.

Sadly, there were just as many disappointments as there were pleasant surprises, most notably. Danielle Deadwyler. who received widespread acclaim for her exceptional performance in. Till. There were also other notable absences. Elizabeth Colman. and . Ted Redmayne.

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