The cancer recovery goal is shared by comedian Rhod Gilbert

R. H. Gilbert

Comedian Rhod Gilbert claimed that following treatment for head and neck cancer, he is "coming back" to his former self.

In July, he revealed that he had stage 4 cancer and was receiving treatment at Cardiff's Velindre Cancer Centre, where he has supported fundraising efforts.

The 54-year-old Carmarthen resident said that leading a fundraising trek to Morocco in October was one of his main recovery objectives.

However, he acknowledged that he was "a little off that at the moment.".

The cancer center had been a "big part" of his life as a patron for 10 years, he said in a pre-recorded video message for Channel 4's The National Comedy Awards for Stand Up To Cancer.

"You can only imagine how shocked I was to learn I had cancer. I thought I'd have immunity for life," he joked.

He claimed that while on a fundraising trip to Cuba, he felt a lump in his neck.

Atlas Mountains
Gilbert hopes to be able to trek in the Atlas Mountains in October to raise money.

He claimed, "I had a sore throat, was unable to speak or breathe, was delaying and canceling tour dates, and had terrible facial spasms along with a lot of muscle tightness.".

After a biopsy of the lump in my neck, it was discovered that I have a type of cancer known as head and neck cancer. Head cancer sounded like a very serious condition.

"Therefore, I was having surgery before I knew it. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy were administered to me daily. ".

He called his medical care "flawless" and claimed that as his facial hair was returning, his voice was returning to normal, and he was gaining weight, he was "coming back" to his former self.

Gilbert added that his recovery objective was to lead the cancer center's fundraising trek to Mount Toubkal, the highest point in North Africa, located in Morocco's Atlas Mountains, in October.

I'm a little off that right now, but I'm feeling upbeat, oddly happy, and optimistic nonetheless, he admitted.

Gilbert postponed several live performances in December after learning he required additional surgery for gallstones and recurrent gallbladder infections that "kick like a donkey."

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