The diagnosis of lung cancer is made public by Dame Esther Rantzen

an image of Esther Rantzen

Dame Esther Rantzen disclosed that she has lung cancer but expressed optimism about her prognosis.

The 82-year-old broadcaster and founder of a charitable organization stated in a statement that she was undergoing tests to determine the best course of action for her condition.

During her time at the BBC, Dame Esther established herself as a household name and a trailblazer for female journalists.

She claimed that after hearing the news, she wanted to thank everyone who had contributed to her happy life. ".

Dame Esther claimed in her statement that the cancer had spread and that she had only recently received the diagnosis.

She continued, "I would rather you heard the facts from me," and "because I find it difficult to skulk around different hospitals wearing an unconvincing disguise.".

Howard Leader, Kevin Devine, Esther Rantzen and Gavin Campbell
In 1993, Dame Esther appeared on That's Life! with Howard Leader, Kevin Devine, and Gavin Campbell.

Dame Esther thanked her family, friends, and coworkers and informed the audience that she would be unable to respond to any further questions while awaiting test results.

She added, "I am staying optimistic because there are wonderful new treatments available because of the extraordinary skills of the medical profession.

From 1973 to 1994, the BBC's consumer rights program That's Life featured Dame Esther as a presenter. The show regularly drew 20 million viewers because it mixed serious investigations with humorous content.

She established ChildLine in 1986, a counseling and support organization for children and teenagers.

Additionally, she participated in the foundation of The Silver Line, a charity that supports elderly people in the UK who are struggling with loneliness.

She received a DBE in 2015 for her work with children and the elderly.

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