The interior of Hull Minster was decorated with colorful lighting


A journey through space is now available to visitors at Hull Minster through an immersive light show.

The building's interior features are being used as projection screens for the sound and light exhibition by artists Luxmuralis, which is on display until Saturday.

The installation explored a "journey through space and the universe," according to lead artist and artistic director Peter Walker, set to a musical score.

The ticketed event is being held in East Yorkshire for the first time.

The projections are intended to transport viewers to another planet.
It extends from floor to ceiling inside the cathedral.

The entire church and its interior architecture, as well as the vast space, will be filled with galaxies and black holes, according to Alistair Hutson of Hull Minster.

"[There are] projections of a rocket launch and the moon landings, an investigation of the big bang, and the Genesis story, so it's really a combination of who we are and where we came from. ".

East Yorkshire is hosting the ticketed event for the first time.

The universe's edge and back in one night, according to Mr. Walker.

As a result, sound and light will transform the entire cathedral. Traveling through space means essentially walking in space. ".

Four days are dedicated to the event.

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