The new arts center in Manchester is permitted to operate around-the-clock.

The Factory as seen in a rendering.

Despite concerns about noise, a major new arts center in Manchester will be allowed to operate continuously.

The Manchester International Festival will have its permanent home at the Factory International venue, which cost £211 million.

It has been granted a 24-hour license, allowing for the sale of alcoholic beverages every night until 4:00.

However, the application has been rejected by the nearby residents of the former Granada TV Studios because they find the opening hours to be excessive.

Their main argument, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, was that serving alcohol until 4:00 would cause noise disturbances.

The team behind the flagship arts center claims that it is the largest investment in a national cultural project since the opening of the Tate Modern in 2000. The flagship arts center is primarily funded by the government and Arts Council England.

A further £25 million was requested last year due to the rising costs of construction, adding to the millions of dollars that Manchester City Council has already contributed to the project.

Rebecca Lowe, speaking on behalf of Factory International at a licensing hearing on Monday, stated that a "rich diversity" of events, including late-night music, are required by the project's funding agreement. .

She did, however, reassure the council members that the location would not become a nightclub.

We can't go into detail about every type of event that might occur at this venue over the course of its lifetime because its very purpose is to be a ground-breaking, cutting-edge venue, she said in her remarks during the town hall hearing. ".

A resident's forum must be held regularly to discuss any problems related to the license, and the application was approved with additional conditions limiting the outdoor area's capacity to no more than 2,000 people.

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