The Vale Earth Fair 2022 generated the highest profits ever.

Thank you Earth Day.

Hollie Cook and the Scratch Perverts were the 2022 main attractions.

at first sight.

In 2022, the yearly music festival generated $27,000 in revenue.

It made donations to two foreign organizations as well as one local charity.

Each received £9,000.

Since the fair's inception 46 years ago, Guernsey's Vale Earth Fair 2022 marked the occasion's most lucrative year.

The yearly music festival had a record-breaking turnout and was able to donate a total of £27,000 to three different charities.

The Vale Earth Fair Collective, who put on the annual festival, which debuted in 1976, promotes music and the arts in Guernsey.

The Linda Norgrove Foundation, a charitable organization that supports women and children impacted by the war in Afghanistan, received a donation in 2022 for the first time as a result of the event. .

The second organization was Burma Campaign UK, which promotes democracy, human rights, and development in Burma.

Additionally, a £9,000 donation was made to the local charity Safer, which provides assistance to island residents who are victims of domestic violence.

"The additional recent restrictions on women in the country are truly awful, and we are determined to continue with our support as much as we can," said Linda Norgrove of the Linda Norgrove Foundation.

She claimed that the cash would be used to sponsor medical students and provide humanitarian aid to impoverished families.

The money, according to Naomi Wood, head of service at Safer, will enable people to purchase safety gear and, among other things, "access goods and care they otherwise would not be able to.".

The Vale Earth Fair Collective's Jade Kershaw expressed pride at having raised "such significant funds for some really important causes.".

The collective is staffed entirely by volunteers, and all profits are given to good causes.

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