Timeline of the Harvey Weinstein scandal: how it developed

Horatio Weinstein

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The significant incidents that brought him to court are outlined below:.

  • When Weinstein called her for an audition when she was 18 years old, British actress Romola Garai told the Guardian that she felt "violated" because he had answered the door to his hotel room in a bathrobe.
  • Writing about his early years at Weinstein's former studio, Miramax Films, is screenwriter Scott Rosenberg. While he claims to have never heard of any rape allegations, he and many others were aware of Weinstein's "dreadful" behavior, he claims in a Facebook post.
  • The actress Lauren Holly talks on a Canadian talk show about meeting Weinstein in a hotel room in the late 1990s. She claims that the producer stripped off in front of her and asked for a massage after using the restroom and taking a shower.
  • Weinstein's driver, Mickael Chemloul, admits in a French television interview that he frequently consoled the "tearful aspiring actresses" he encountered while driving for the producer.
  • The production of a movie about child sexual abuse that actor Channing Tatum had been working on with Weinstein's company is put on hold.
  • Robert Lindsay claims that a confrontation with Weinstein, which resulted in him losing a role in Shakespeare in Love, put an end to his Hollywood film career.
  • The Du Bois medal that Harvard University awarded to Weinstein in 2014 for his contributions to African-American culture has been revoked.
  • In 2000, a Canadian actress filed a lawsuit against Weinstein in Toronto over two alleged sexual assaults. The unnamed actress going by "Jane Doe" is requesting a total of 14 million Canadian dollars (£8.34 million).
  • According to the "credible and comprehensive narrative" a woman who has not been named, who is thought to be Paz de la Huerta, has provided the New York police with, they have "an actual case" against Weinstein.
  • The membership of Harvey Weinstein is formally terminated by Bafta.
  • An additional allegation of sexual assault has been made, according to the Metropolitan Police, after an additional woman came forward to claim she was assaulted at an "unknown location in the early 1990s.".
  • According to Weinstein's attorney Donna Rotunno, the evidence will clear the film tycoon of any criminal wrongdoing. She claims, "I'm not here to say he wasn't guilty of committing sins.". "However, there is a distinction between sins and crimes, and I don't believe he committed rape. ".
  • Weinstein fails in his effort to have his trial moved from New York. In order for jurors to perform their duties "in an atmosphere free of intimidation and pressure to deliver a result that the politicians, the activists, the celebrities, and the media demand," his attorneys claim that it is "the least likely place on Earth.".
  • Weinstein is accused of sexually assaulting former model Kaja Sokola when she was 16 years old. In an earlier class action lawsuit, she remained unnamed, but she has since left that group and gone public in order to bring her own claim, claiming that the aforementioned settlement is not "fair or just.". In 2018, when she first came forward, Weinstein's former attorney called the accusations "preposterous.".
  • In New York, the trial gets underway after the jury is chosen, with the prosecution making graphic statements about the alleged crimes.
  • He was a "seasoned" sexual predator, according to prosecutor Meghan Hast, who provided explicit details of the accusations made by three women, only two of whom are named on the charge sheet.
  • His legal team claims that all of his actions, even in one "loving" relationship, were voluntary.
  • Donna Rotunno, Weinstein's lead attorney, implores the 12 jurors to acquit him in her closing remarks, claiming he was innocent from the beginning and that doing so would make them "unpopular.".
  • The jury is only considering charges against two women: former actress Jessica Mann and former production assistant Mimi Haleyi, as other allegations are too old to pursue criminal charges. Nevertheless, the prosecution's case depends on whether the jury accepts the allegations of six women.
  • The jury begins deliberations after hearing all the testimony. Judge James Burke reminds the jury that conviction requires unanimity on each count and proof of the defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The judge might be compelled to declare a mistrial if they are unable to.
  • Donna Rotunno, the lead defense attorney, has received a warning from Judge Burke not to speak to the media after the prosecution took issue with an opinion piece she wrote for Newsweek.
  • Weinstein's arguments that the judge had biased him by allowing women to testify about allegations that were not related to the criminal case were rejected by a New York appellate court, which upheld Weinstein's conviction for rape.
  • In Los Angeles, Weinstein will go on trial for 11 charges involving five alleged victims.

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