Warwick Davis supports the effort to save a primary school in Cambridgeshire

Warren Davis

Warwick Davis, a star of film and television, has backed a campaign to keep a primary school open after it was threatened with closure due to a lack of students.

There are currently 47 students enrolled at Great Gidding Church of England Primary School in Sawtry, Cambridgeshire, and by 2023–2024, that number was predicted to drop to 40.

The actor Davis wrote on Twitter: "This school did wonderful things for my son. A closure would be a disgrace. ".

The future of the school is currently being discussed by the county council.

Davis, who is from the nearby city of Peterborough, joined the cause to keep the primary school open.

"If you feel inclined and believe in good education and learning environments, please sign the petition," he pleaded, mentioning that his son had gone to the school. " .

The villages of Great Gidding, Little Gidding, Steeple Gidding, Winwick, and Hamerton are within the school's catchment area. According to a council report, there were once 75 students enrolled at the school, but that number has since dropped to 50.

Great Giddings Primary School
Ten years ago, there were 75 students at Great Gidding Primary School; today, there are only 47.

Her education had already been "disrupted by the pandemic," according to Christopher Jakins, whose daughter attends the school. She has since questioned me, "Why is this happening?".

He declared, "The entire community has come together over this, we've really rallied.".

He went on to say that having Warwick Davis lend his voice to the campaign was "a massive help".

"Yesterday, I had a really bad depression. then I noticed when I went to check my computer that the retweet [by actor Davis and his wife] had suddenly received 20,000 views. ".

He claimed that the "decision makers" would be placed by the campaign. Because Ofsted rated the school as good and we already know it is good, the school is currently under the most intense public scrutiny.

He continued, "I don't think the people on the [council] committee quite understand that -- having not been there. It's a really special place. ".

Of the school's 47 students currently enrolled, 35, according to the council, are not from the school's catchment area.

It stated that "the future viability of the school is being considered due to a continuing decline in student numbers.".

The total number of students enrolled is expected to drop below 40 in September 2023 if this pattern holds, according to projections. ".

In a statement, it was stated that the committee for children and young people had agreed to "start a consultation which will seek views on the potential closure of the school, and the displacement of students to other suitable local schools.".

Up until February 21st, there is a consultation period.

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