A lookalike of Elton John will appear in charity videos for prostate cancer


Following a diagnosis of prostate cancer, an Elton John tribute act will appear in charity videos to increase public awareness of the disease.

Following his brother's 40th birthday celebration in which he dressed as the Rocket Man singer, David Bills, a 58-year-old quarry manager from Whitwick, Leicestershire, started singing as the singer.

He now performs at corporate and charitable events.

He was diagnosed in September 2020 and had his prostate removed.

Sir Elton
Prostate cancer was also discovered in Sir Elton.

He claimed, "I went right for the surgery and it gave me my life back.

Following a chance encounter with a Pavarotti impersonator who invited him to perform as the singer, Mr. Bills claimed he started acting professionally as Sir Elton.

According to coincidence, Sir Elton was also given a prostate cancer diagnosis in 2017.

In his role as Sir Elton in a series of online videos, Mr. Bills is collaborating with the nonprofit Prostate Cancer Research to promote a new resource website that was funded by the National Lottery.

The charity maintains a website called The Infopool that provides information on clinical trials, testing, and treatment for prostate cancer.

A prostate cancer diagnosis, according to Mr. Bills, may be debilitating.

Being informed that you have prostate cancer can be overwhelming, whether you are a celebrity like Elton John or a regular guy, he said.

"Infopool made sense of the medical terminology that had me feeling so perplexed, and its videos of men who had experienced similar situations to mine emotionally supported me. " .

The charity's CEO, Oliver Kemp, stated: "At Prostate Cancer Research, we are dedicated to a world where people can live without the effects of prostate cancer.

"We believe that the Infopool will assist us in realizing this vision when combined with the transformative research we support.

. "

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