Assembly to convene for recall vote on organ donation under Dáith's law

The "give way" sign is visible on the front of the legislative buildings

In an effort to pass a law on organ donation that has stalled, the Stormont Assembly will be called back later.

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), declared that his group would continue to oppose the nomination of a Speaker.

Since May, there have been six recalls of the assembly; the most recent was in December when a motion was introduced urging the DUP to end its boycott of power-sharing.

Sir Jeffrey accused others of extorting his party by using the organ law.

The DUP has stated that Westminster can handle the legislation.

In opposition to the Northern Ireland Protocol, the party has boycotted power-sharing at Stormont for a full year.

But the six-year-old Belfast boy Dáith Mac Gabhann, who requires a heart transplant, has inspired lawmakers to pass a new opt-out organ donation law and elect a Speaker.

The family is "disappointed, but not at all surprised," according to Dáith's father Máirtn, who also noted that the DUP's health spokesman Paul Givan had informed them of the decision on Saturday.

We were also told that the DUP would do everything possible to ensure that Dáith's Law passed Westminster, and while disappointed that it couldn't be resolved on Tuesday, he said.

"At this point, we need assurance that it can be done at Westminster without a sitting assembly. Can Jeffrey and the DUP ensure that for us?

Dáithí Mac Gabhann
The family of Dáith Mac Gabhann wants the law changed to assist transplant patients.

Alliance Party and People Before Profit supported a Sinn Féin motion to adjourn the meeting.

The organ donation legislation won't pass if a Speaker isn't chosen.

The only region of the UK without an opt-out system for organ donation is Northern Ireland.

The Dáith's Law was presented to the assembly in 2021 and completed in February 2022.

To clarify which organs and tissues are covered by the opt-out system, additional legislation is necessary.

It would imply that, unless they specifically stated otherwise, all adults in Northern Ireland would be regarded as potential organ donors after their deaths.

After this coming Tuesday, Northern Ireland will still be without a working assembly.

The DUP will not vote for this, so the process will fail. MLAs will assemble in the chamber to attempt to elect a Speaker once more.

Stormont cannot move forward with new legislation without a Speaker and a working assembly. .

The DUP insists that Westminster can approve the legislation governing organ donation.

Others, such as Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris, hold a different perspective and contend that if the assembly were to resume operations, the organ donation law could be in place within days.

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