Cost of living: "Paying my bills made me more anxious than dying."

Lauren Hills

A woman with breast cancer admitted that she was more concerned about not being able to pay her bills than actually dying.

In December 2021, Leanne Hills, 44, of Stanwick, Northamptonshire, learned she had breast cancer.

Only receiving statutory sick pay, she was unable to cover her expenses and had to return to work four months after having a mastectomy.

She said that this was "way before I was physically or mentally ready.".

"I was seeing the cost of living crisis everywhere," Ms. Hills said. Diesel, gasoline, and all other forms of fuel prices are rising, and I was already seriously, seriously strapped for cash.

"Knowing that these are rising, I simply had to return to work. ".

Losing her home was "the most terrifying" thought for her.

Leanne Hills
Ms. Hills returned to her job earlier so she could begin making more money.

She needed to take at least six to eight months off of work, according to her surgeon.

The construction salesperson's monthly income decreased from £1,500 in debt-free balance to roughly £800.

She was "£400 to £500 short of my standard every day bills" as a result.

According to Mis Hill, receiving a cancer diagnosis might seem like the scariest part for some people. While it did for me, my biggest concern was money.

"I still had to pay for my entire rent, my entire council tax, my transportation costs to the hospital, my parking, and my food. ".

Leanne Hills in hospital
Ms. Hills claimed that because of the rising cost of living, her cancer treatment was stressful.

She had already endured three months of waiting before receiving her treatment, which was taxing.

Ms. Hills' mental health was impacted by returning to work while undergoing lymphedema treatment, physiotherapy for shoulder and muscle damage, and recovery from major surgery.

It turned into a serious case of anxiety, fear, and depression, she claimed.

Using the money from her pension, her mother intervened to assist her.

"I'm quite a proud person," Ms. Hills stated. "I want to pay my own bills and make sure I can fund what I need. I wish I could go out and purchase my own food.

"I wouldn't be in my home right now if it weren't for my friends and family helping me out.

. "

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