English nurses will end their 48-hour strike

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In order to reopen negotiations with the government, the Royal College of Nursing in England has canceled its 48-hour strike scheduled for next week.

In a joint statement, both parties stated that they had decided to start "intensive" negotiations.

On Wednesday, ministers, officials, and RCN leaders will gather.

The RCN has since stated that it is willing to meet the government halfway and has lowered its initial demand for a pay increase of 5% above inflation.

The strike was scheduled to begin the following Wednesday at 6:00 GMT.

Due to the impact on half of frontline services, it was anticipated to be the largest strike of the winter pay dispute.

Additionally, the RCN had stated that crucial services like chemotherapy and critical care would no longer be exempt.

The government had steadfastly refused to discuss this year's pay award, which averaged a 40.75% increase, for months.

The breakthrough, though, comes after the government provided the independent NHS pay review body with its supporting documentation for the pay increase that will take effect in April. According to the submission, they are willing to make a 30.5 percent pay increase.

According to a source familiar with the negotiations, this has made it possible for the pay award to be retroactively applied to this year, giving nurses and other staff members who are all covered by the same contract a pay raise.

The government and RCN have agreed to begin a process of intensive talks, according to a joint statement from the RCN and Department of Health and Social Care.

"Both sides are committed to reaching a fair and reasonable agreement that acknowledges the critical role that nurses and the nursing profession play in the NHS, the wider economic pressures the UK is currently experiencing, and the prime minister's priority to halve inflation.

"On Wednesday, the health secretary will meet with the RCN to start discussions. During these negotiations, the RCN will suspend its strike.

. "

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