Football initiative in Thanet seeks to enhance the mental health of men

Participants in the game at Head

In Kent, a football program designed to encourage men to talk about their mental health is being implemented.

Thanet's Head in the Game organization, founded in 2021, has close to 40 regular members, ranging in age from 18 to 58.

Before and after each game, players gather in the center circle and rate their emotions on a scale of zero to ten.

Now, similar programs are going to be implemented all over the country in an effort to assist the struggling.

Players discuss coping with issues like depression, anxiety, and bereavement at the weekly meetings in Minster.

Kyle Ingram-Baldwin
One of almost 40 participants in the Head in the Game initiative is Kyle Ingram-Baldwin.

Kyle Ingram-Baldwin, who participates each week, said, "We're here, we talk, and we play football. "We share the most troubling and dark things we want to share. ".

Mike Arnold, a teammate who has battled depression and substance abuse, said society is making "slow but sure" progress in addressing men's mental health.

He said, "When we were in college and in our 20s at work, guys of my generation didn't have that.".

"Some days I felt suicidal when I arrived at work, but I didn't mention it. ".

Later, a second team was formed in Maidstone with the intention of eventually having a team in each of the towns of Kent.

The weekly game, according to Charlie Rowley, who also participates in the Minster sessions, is an "escape" for the players.

"Mental health is stigmatized in this world; people are reluctant to talk about it. That stigma needs to be removed, he said.

If it has had an impact on you. issues with mental health. Support and assistance are offered by way of. the Action Line for BBC.

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