Harlow: A man who expects to be housebound for two months has a broken lift

Rosalind and Paul

A woman claims that her Parkinson's disease-afflicted father, age 76, has been stranded in his apartment for five weeks as a result of a malfunctioning lift.

In Harlow, Essex, a third-floor housing association apartment houses the parents of Sinead Juhas.

By the middle of March, the Landamp;Q Group anticipates a new operational lift.

My parents and their neighbors dealing with that just really infuriates me; it's just not right, Ms. Juhas said to BBC Essex.

On January 23, work to replace the lift at Gibson Court on Bishopsfield began.

A lift space under repair at Gibson Court in Harlow
By the middle of March, the new lift will be fully installed and operational, according to LQ Housing Association.

Paul and Rosemary Juhas, according to Ms. Juhas, were offered a single room in a hotel as a temporary residence but turned it down because it lacked the necessary modifications.

Her father has had a stroke and two hip operations in recent years.

The family further claims that Rosemary has been climbing the stairs with a torch because there hasn't been any lighting in the landing area for the majority of the time the repairs have been being made.

On March 9, Paul has a hospital appointment.

L. Gerri Scott.

Paul and Rosemary's health issues have our deepest sympathies, and we will be getting in touch with them once more to talk about how we can help, said Mr. Scott.

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