John Fetterman, a US senator, seeks medical attention for severe depression

Senator Fetterman's position

According to his office, US Democratic Senator John Fetterman has admitted himself to a hospital close to Washington, DC, to receive treatment for severe depression.

According to a statement, the Pennsylvania lawmaker has struggled with depression "off and on throughout his life.".

He had a crippling stroke while running for the position the year before he was elected in November.

After being admitted to the hospital last week, he stayed there for two days. He reportedly felt dizzy and dizzy.

Although Mr. Fetterman, 53, has battled depression all of his life, it has become more "severe" lately, according to a statement from his chief of staff, Adam Jentleson, on Thursday. .

The senator's aide claimed that the choice to receive treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center was made after discussion with Dr. Brian Monahan, the acting congressman's doctor.

John consented, and he is voluntarily undergoing treatment, according to Mr. Jentleson.

The Walter Reed medical staff examined John and informed us that he is receiving the care he requires and will soon return to normal. " .

Gisele Barreto Fetterman, the husband of Mr. Fetterman, commended him for seeking treatment on social media.

There is probably no one who wanted to talk about his own health less than John after what he's been through in the past year, she tweeted. I'm so proud of him for asking for assistance and receiving the necessary care. ".

Senator John Fetterman with his wife Gisele (third from right), his children Karl, Grace and August, and Vice-President Kamala Harris
Senator John Fetterman with Vice President Kamala Harris, his wife Gisele (third from right), and their three children, Karl, Grace, and August.

Mr. Fetterman made a notable absence from a Senate Agriculture Committee hearing called to discuss nutrition programs on Thursday morning.

The top Democrat in Congress and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted his appreciation for Mr. Fetterman "getting the help he needs and deserves.".

He added, "Millions of Americans, like John, battle depression every day, and I look forward to my return to the Senate.

After feeling unwell during a Democratic retreat, Mr. Fetterman was admitted last week to the George Washington University Hospital.

Testing later disproved the theory that he had experienced a second stroke.

He required nearly three hours of surgery and spent nine days in the hospital following a stroke in May 2022.

His health was questioned as the race for the presidency became more competitive when he returned to the campaign trail in Pennsylvania with significant speech impairments.

But in the subsequent midterm election in November, he easily defeated his Republican rival Mehmet Oz, better known as the famous surgeon Dr. Oz.

Democrats now hold a slim majority in the Senate, the upper chamber of Congress, thanks to Mr. Fetterman's victory.

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