Moldy apartment in Milton Keynes: mother claims son is being "left to die"

Elisa, Demi, and Kyden

Due to the mold in their rented home, a mother claimed she felt like her four-year-old son was "being left to slowly die.".

In 2019, Demi Rock and her family moved into the Grand Union Housing Group building in Bletchley, Milton Keynes.

Kyden, the father's asthmatic and mold-allergic son, is "at increased risk of death" as a result of the housing, according to a paediatric asthma specialist.

His condition was "really serious," according to Grand Union Housing, and it was working to find suitable housing.

Mould on trainers
Ms. Rock claimed that mold forced her to discard numerous articles of clothing.

Kyden, Ms. Rock, and her daughter Elisa, according to Ms. Rock, should have been relocated three years ago.

According to her, Kyden started feeling unwell about six months after relocating to the social housing apartment on the ground floor.

He would have asthma symptoms one minute and be fine the next, at which point she would call an ambulance, take him to the hospital for a few days, and then leave him bedridden at home.

According to Ms. Rock, Kyden must use a nebulizer twice daily and may require hospitalization once a month.

He also suffers from eczema, which Ms. Rock claimed the allergy to mold made worse.

Kyden's eczema
Additionally, Kyden has eczema.

Ms. Rock claimed she spoke with Milton Keynes Council and Grand Union Housing, but felt the situation wasn't being taken seriously enough.

It's awful, she muttered.

"I don't know how we can be allowed to be in this situation when we have all these tests that show he is allergic to the property," the woman said.

"I feel like he's just being allowed to slowly die. ".

Mould on item
Ms. Rock claimed that in an effort to stop the mold from getting worse, she regularly cleans the apartment.

Kyden has "significant respiratory vulnerability," according to Dr. Ian Sinha, paediatric respiratory consultant and honorary associate clinical professor of child health, and is "at increased risk of death in childhood, or premature adult mortality.".

He declared, "I believe the housing in which you reside is putting him at increased risk of these outcomes, and that this is affecting his ability to have a happy childhood and realize his potential.

"As a pediatrician, I'm worried that delaying moving you as urgently as possible might have serious, even fatal, repercussions. ".

Kyden and Demi
Ms. Rock claimed that she had used her own funds to replace the flat's flooring and purchase dehumidifiers.

Grand Union Housing CEO Aileen Evans acknowledged that Kyden's condition was "really, really serious.".

The best solution to this problem, she said, is being sought out as a result of "really close coordination with the council.".

A Milton Keynes Council spokesman stated: "They are urgently looking for an interim property, and we have spoken to the housing association to remind them of their obligations to their tenant.

We are also looking for a permanent property that is the right size at the same time.

"We do intervene to assist tenants of housing associations who are having problems with their landlord, and to help with this, we also advise a complaint be raised to the Housing Ombudsman.

. "

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