Mothers are needed in Southampton because the milk bank is running low on supplies

Teddy and Jennifer Blandford

A hospital is requesting new mothers' assistance to increase its milk bank stock because its supplies are getting critically low.

Breast milk from donors is collected by University Hospital Southampton and given to premature infants and people who have had abdominal surgery.

The hospital is in need of non-smoking women who are pregnant with a child under six months old.

Six additional hospitals and trusts receive donor milk from its milk bank, which serves as the regional financial hub for the south.

Donating milk is among the most priceless gifts anyone could give, according to Tania Gane, a member of the hospital's milk bank team.

"This milk aids in the survival of sick and premature infants all over the south. Additionally, it fills the gap for some mothers as they begin to establish their milk supply.

"More donors would be wonderful to increase our stock. ".

Jennifer Blandford, a new mother who delivered her son Teddy at 32 weeks, wants to emphasize the value of donated milk.

After Teddy was born, we had to wait for my milk to arrive, so he had to drink donor milk.

"Once I started nursing, I was producing a lot of extra milk; it wasn't until Tania showed me how much I had that I actually realized how much I had.

We were so grateful that Teddy was given someone else's milk during those early days because it just seemed right and logical to share.

Donors must submit to a blood test and limit their weekly alcohol consumption to no more than two units.

On a courier bike, milk is picked up from the donor's house and delivered to the medical facility.

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