New University of Essex study on Alzheimer's and early dementia

Vanessa Loaiza, doctor

Researchers believe that a new study of individuals experiencing the "frontlines" of Alzheimer's disease could aid in the identification of early dementia symptoms.

Zoom meetings will be held by University of Essex staff to examine how the condition affects the ability to retain information in the "working memory.".

They intend to compare the outcomes of those with the disease and "healthy older adults" using "simple exercises.".

In the summer, the results are anticipated.

About 150 people, according to the university, would participate in the study that would concentrate on working memory, which is "what we use when doing mental arithmetic.".

They claimed that healthy older adults frequently experience difficulties with activities requiring working memory, such as reading, listening, and problem-solving, which can have an effect on their daily lives. .

According to the university, "clearly differentiating between normal forgetfulness and dementia will help scientists and medical professionals catch and treat the condition early in its progression.". .

"This study will help us learn more about Alzheimer's from the people on the frontlines of the disease," said lead researcher Dr. Vanessa Loaiza. .

We are using Zoom to make it as simple as possible for them to participate in our study from the comfort of their homes because we are aware of how devastating a diagnosis can be.

"Despite its infancy, this research may help us distinguish between a typical "senior moment" and something much more serious.

. "

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