On Monday, routine breast cancer screenings on the Isle of Man will resume

Picture of the Nobles Hospital's entrance

On the Isle of Man, routine breast screening for women between the ages of 50 and 70 will start up again on Monday, according to Manx Care.

As adjustments were made to the way the Noble's Hospital service evaluates results, appointments ceased on February 1.

Cancer symptom clinics weren't impacted, but a spokesman claimed that 650 letters weren't distributed while the suspension was in effect.

Women who have already had breast cancer will now receive priority care from the service.

Routine mammogram appointments will also be given to those with a family history of cancer.

The island's new on-island radiographer will evaluate women in person going forward before the results are again analyzed at a UK hospital, according to the health minister Lawrie Hooper.

Prior to now, Wythenshawe Hospital's Greater Manchester Breast Screening Programme handled all of the island's mammograms' analysis.

The suspension was required to connect the mammography systems in the two hospitals, but additional clinics were planned, according to Mr. Hooper, to clear the backlog.

By the end of March 2023, "additional resources" will be put in place, according to a Manx Care spokesman, to make up as much ground as possible.

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