Residents of Wolverhampton are offered a rewards program and fitness app

Judith Momenabadi

Participants in a new health initiative will be able to convert their exercise into points that can be used to purchase goods and movie tickets.

In what is believed to be a first in England, the Better Health: Rewards program's pilot will be implemented in Wolverhampton throughout the year. .

People who eat healthily will also receive incentives from the program, which is administered through an app.

The free fitness trackers will be linked to it.

Participants will accrue points for each goal they complete over the course of 20 weeks, which they can then redeem for rewards, which also include clothing.

For users who complete weekly tasks and increase activity, the government has allocated £3 million.

Participants have the opportunity to earn goods worth up to £40.

Better health rewards hub
To use the app, Wolverhampton residents must be older than 18.

The local government was chosen for the pilot, according to Beverley Momenabadi of Wolverhampton City Council, because of its "track record in being able to get out there into communities.". ".

She added that the council had high expectations for the number of residents who would participate.

She said, "Up to 50,000 would be amazing.

Mamta Saini and Tariq Ali
Some of the first citizens of the city to register were Mamta Saini and Tariq Ali.

Mamta Saini, a local, said she had signed up for the program and hoped the app would assist her in "getting fit and looking good.".

She said, "I'm so excited to start.

Sainsbury's, Aldi, Morrison's, and Tesco are just a few of the national supermarkets that have signed up to take part in the program.

There will also be merchandise and gift cards from stores like Amazon and Argos available.

Additionally, there will be discounts at gyms and leisure facilities located throughout the city.

Residents of Wolverhampton who are 18 or older may participate in the program.

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