Sleaford: Oakdene Care Home received a subpar rating from the watchdog

the Sleaford Oakdene Care Home

Due to its inability to deliver safe and effective care, a care facility has been placed under special measures.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) paid a visit to the Oakdene Care Home in Sleaford in January after receiving complaints.

People's care, support, and outcomes were said to have "widespread and significant shortfalls," according to the CQC.

The residence, which is currently considered inadequate, has not yet replied to a request for comment.

According to the CQC, complaints about staff training, risky handling and moving, bed rails, and cleanliness led to the inspection in part.

It claimed in its report that staff lacked sufficient written instructions or training to carry out their duties safely and that the emergency buzzer system was occasionally unheard.

Additionally, it warned that faulty hoist slings could injure residents and that they ran the risk of becoming trapped in bed rails.

According to the report, people were put at risk for the spread of infection because staff did not always record the reasons why medications were given out and the home wasn't always clean.

Inspectors noted inadequate oversight of the service as well as a failure to respond "timely and effectively" when risks were discovered.

The CQC reported that the previously good-rated Oakdene Care Home recently hired a new manager.

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