South Wales will get therapy gardens thanks to William and Kate

Princess Kate and Prince William

Tuesday's visit to Wales by the Prince and Princess of Wales will aid in the opening of several therapy gardens and allotments.

The project aims to offer communities throughout south Wales mental health support.

The first garden will be constructed at the Brynawel Rehabilitation Center, close to Pontyclun, where the couple will go.

Life at No. is collaborating with their foundation. 27, a counselor for mental health and horticultural therapy.

Plans for the Brynawel garden, which will include a number of allotments, a community sensory and herbal garden, a mud kitchen, and an interactive learning area, will be displayed to the prince and princess.

Life at No. 1 founder Annabelle Padwick. 27, claimed that providing a safe environment for those dealing with mental health issues was made possible by gardens.

She claimed, "As the founder, I have personally witnessed how working with therapy gardens can significantly enhance self-belief and your own mental health.".

Our special therapy gardens and allotments are essential because they provide a secure setting for people with mental illness to process and explore traumatic experiences with qualified therapists while also learning new skills. ".

Working with The Prince and Princess of Wales, according to Ms. Padwick, is crucial because it allows us to jointly raise awareness of the work we do, the urgent need we seek to address, and how much our experiences and connections can influence our future. ".

The Brynawel Rehabilitation Center is a residential facility for treating drug and alcohol addiction.

Eventually, the garden will also be accessible to locals from the larger community who are dealing with mental illness, low confidence, or isolation through GP referrals.

The initiative, according to the Royal Foundation, is one of several initiatives planned to have a "lasting impact" on the communities the couple travels to for official engagements.

"Their Royal Highnesses are passionate about making a lasting impact in the communities they visit, playing a key role in bringing together local stakeholders to amplify the work of organizations and ensure support reaches those who need it most," said Amanda Berry, chief executive of The Royal Foundation.

"Their Royal Highnesses continue to place a high priority on the mental health of our society, and it is well known that spending time in nature has many advantages, including lowering anxiety and depression.

. "

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