The Isle of Man will resume routine breast screening starting next month

Noble's Hospital, Isle of Man

The Isle of Man's health minister announced that beginning at the end of the month, routine breast screening will resume for women between the ages of 50 and 70.

On February 1st, Manx Care temporarily halted it to make room for modifications in the location of the tests' analysis. .

In the future, a woman-specific assessment by an island radiographer will be performed before the results are reanalyzed at a UK hospital, according to Lawrie Hooper.

He added that screenings would resume in March with additional clinics planned.

The Greater Manchester Breast Screening Programme at Wythenshawe Hospital, which had previously been doing all of the analysis of mammograms taken on the island, was working on new arrangements, Mr. Hooper informed the House of Keys.

Following a recommendation from Manx Care to bring the service in line with UK standards, the images will first be evaluated by an on-island radiographer under the new arrangements.

According to Mr. Hooper, the suspension of routine exams was necessary to connect the mammography systems at Wythenshawe and Noble's Hospital.

In order to avoid any treatment delays while the service is suspended, six women have been referred directly to the hospital in Manchester, he continued.

About 150 women were being screened a week before the suspension, according to MHKs, and there are plans to hold additional clinics once the system is back up and running to make up for any brief backlog that may have developed.

Some members expressed worry that the public's anxiety may have been sparked by the announcement of the temporary measure.

However, according to Mr. Hooper, the brief delay "should not be adversely affecting individuals" and will enable Manx Care to bring its service in line with UK best practice.


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