The Whitley Bay North Shields sunrise cycle route is pleaded for by doctors

Bikes up close

More than 50 medical professionals have demanded that construction on a suggested route for cyclists and pedestrians get started.

The so-called sunrise route between Whitley Bay and North Shields was proposed by North Tyneside Council in 2021.

In a letter, 54 active and retired medical professionals urged the expediting of the project because it was essential for enhancing public health.

The council stated that "a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes" and that it was fully committed to the plan.

According to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, the plan has received financial support in the amount of £3.15 million from Active Travel England and £750,000 from the cycling charity Sustrans.

The suggested route would connect North Shields Fish Quay and Northumberland sq\. with St. Mary's Lighthouse before taking cyclists to Tynemouth.

Close up of bikes
Both cyclists and walkers would benefit from using the path.

The letter from the local residents who work for the NHS stated: "We believe the project is essential for health and the environment.

"Moving forward is urgent at a time when obesity, air pollution, and climate change are claiming lives. ".

The letter claimed that the "seafront'sunrise' route" would increase local tourism, make people fitter, improve air quality, and combat global warming.

"We beg council members to see that the work is not put off any longer. ".

The council is still fully committed to building the Seafront Sustainable Route, and a lot of work has been done behind the scenes, working with our partners, to secure additional funding to ensure the scheme is of the highest caliber, according to John Sparkes, head of regeneration and economic development at North Tyneside Council.

"We are excited to share these plans in full and will be making an announcement very soon.

. "

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