13-year-old Ukrainian girl plays the piano in Liverpool on the anniversary of the war

Ukrainian pianist, age 13, performs to commemorate the occasion

To commemorate the first anniversary of the Russian invasion, a 13-year-old pianist who fled Ukraine when the war started gave a performance in Liverpool.

After the city was bombed in February of last year, Alisa and her mother left their home there and moved to Wirral.

At Liverpool ONE, she performed her nation's anthem while dressed traditionally, just before a moment of silence at 11:00 GMT.

The adolescent claimed she "will never forget" it.

After leaving her home, she performed in refugee camps in Poland and Ukraine to cheer up the residents before moving on to a host family in Wirral.

She had previously performed at Ukrainian dignitary gatherings. .

Inviting [Alisa] to perform felt like a respectful way to support her passion and join on the solidarity with the Ukrainian community on this day, according to Donna Howitt of Liverpool ONE.

"I had the pleasure of being able to visit Alisa and hear her perform, and I was totally moved - she is an incredibly talented young lady and has undoubtedly done a lot to support her friends and indeed her community as well. ".

She continued, "Alisa and her mother are now settling into their new life in Wirral."

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