28 years after being wrongfully convicted of murder, Lamar Johnson was released

Laurel Johnson

The conviction of a US man who was imprisoned for nearly 28 years for a murder he has consistently denied committing was overturned in Missouri.

After a decision by Judge David Mason on Tuesday, Lamar Johnson, 50, was able to leave the courtroom in St. Louis without being imprisoned.

The judge claimed that he took action after receiving "clear and convincing evidence" from two witnesses that Mr. Johnson was innocent.

In 1994, he had been found guilty of killing Marcus Boyd.

When the decision was announced, Mr. Johnson appeared moved, and his supporters began to applaud.

After leaving the courtroom, Mr. Johnson exclaimed, "This is overwhelming.".

After working with the non-profit legal organization Innocence Project to conduct an investigation, attorney Kim Gardner filed a motion last year asking for the release of Mr. Johnson.

In October 1994, two hooded men shot and killed Marcus Boyd on Mr. Johnson's front porch.

Mr. Johnson has stated time and time again that he was not at home during the attack.

After one witness changed his story and an inmate admitted that he shot Boyd alongside another suspect, Phil Campbell, Judge Mason made his decision.

Campbell admitted guilt to a lesser charge during the initial trial and received a seven-year prison term.

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