A migrant bus from Panama runs off the road, killing 39 people

Gualaca, Panama, 15 February 23: bus wreck

A bus carrying migrants to the US crashed into a ravine in Panama, killing at least 39 people.

The driver of the bus reportedly attempted to turn around as it approached the Costa Rican border while traveling north after accidentally driving past a migrant hostel.

There were 66 passengers on the bus, and according to officials, 20 of the injured have been taken to a hospital. The nationalities of the victims were withheld by the authorities.

Numerous migrants perish while trying to cross the treacherous Darién Gap in Panama.

These numbers skyrocketed to a record 248,000 migrants in 2017—mostly Venezuelans. Cuban and Haitian migrants also travel the lengthy overland route.

According to reports, the accident involving migrants in the Gualaca district was the worst in Panama's history. Uncertainty surrounds the cause of the driver's loss of control on the narrow, winding road; some reports suggest a collision with a minibus.

"The government extends its condolences to the families of those killed in this accident and reiterates its commitment to continue providing humanitarian aid and decent conditions to address irregular migration," said President of Panama Laurentino Cortizo.

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