A team will cycle Ukraine's shape as a fundraising challenge

In the previous year, the group ran a half-marathon and raised $22,000 for Ukraine

In order to raise money for Ukraine, a group of nine friends will cycle 62 miles on Sunday.

Just after the first anniversary of Russia's invasion, 22-year-old Anglo-Ukrainian Maks Oberemokhas and a group of classmates will travel a route that follows the outline of Ukraine.

In March of last year, the team ran a half-marathon from Trowbridge to Bath and raised $22,000 for Ukraine.

"Every donation means so much to us," Mr. Oberemokhas said. ".

He described how many members of his family are from the nearby Russian border city of Sumy in Ukraine.

His grandmother and a few other family members had to endure "terrifying few months" after Russia invaded in February before they were able to flee and find sponsorship in the UK.

The group's route
The group anticipates taking eight hours to complete the 62-mile ride.

They are currently close to his Trowbridge family's house.

He said, "I still have family there who can't leave.".

"Artillery shells and rockets that are fired at random over their village are terrorizing them. One of my friends recently told me that the constant shelling is really hurting his mental health.

But seeing some of my family members, many of whom I hadn't seen in three and a half years, makes me feel so relieved. My grandma won't stop making large dinners for us all, so we've been having a lot of them lately. ".

Maks Oberemokhas and Jake Nickerson
On Sunday, Maks Oberemokhas (left) and Jake Nickerson will both attempt the cycling challenge.

The group's route will start in Trowbridge and then take a loop through Westbury, Warminster, and Frome.

They anticipate the journey to take eight hours, following which they will eat plov, a traditional Uzbekistani dish made with rice and pork.

Three University of Bristol students are participating in the challenge, including mechanical engineering student Jake Nickerson.

The majority of us aren't cyclists, so Sunday might be a challenging day, he said. But it's worthwhile to assist the numerous Ukrainians who are presently in need.

Every 25 kilometers (15 miles), we'll stop so that anyone who wants to can come and cheer us on.

. "

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