According to the incoming NZ PM Chris Hipkins, Jacinda Ardern abuse is "abhorrent"

Chris Hipkins, the new premier of New Zealand

The new prime minister of New Zealand has vowed to shield his family from the "abhorrent" treatment that his predecessor, Jacinda Ardern, endured while in office.

On Thursday, Ms. Ardern made her resignation as prime minister official, citing burnout.

In recent years, threats against her have increased. One such threat came from a man who said in a YouTube video that he was entitled to "shoot the prime minister" for treason and treachery.

Chris Hipkins claimed that a "small minority" of Kiwis were responsible for mistreating Ms. Ardern in remarks made on Sunday, following a unanimous vote by Labour Party MPs in his country to support him.

It "does not represent who we are as a country," he declared.

He added that it was the duty of men to denounce misogyny.

He claimed to have realized that running for office made him "public property," whereas his family was not. He said he wanted his children to lead "typical Kiwi kid lives," but that his family was not considered "public property.".

Data revealed in June that the number of threats against Ms. Ardern had nearly tripled over the previous three years, and local media reported that at least eight of those threats had been prosecuted, including the man who made the threatening YouTube video.

Additionally, in January 2022, handwritten flyers threatening to "eradicate" Ms. Ardern were delivered to a number of residences, prompting police to launch an investigation.

Paul Buchanan, a former intelligence officer, told Radio New Zealand that he thought Ms. Ardern would require more ongoing security and protection than any previous prime minister of New Zealand.

Having held numerous political positions, Mr. Hipkins, 44, served as New Zealand's minister of Covid response.

On Wednesday, following Ms. Ardern's official resignation, he will take office as prime minister.

After his colleagues supported him on Sunday, he was given a standing ovation by them and hugged Ms. Ardern, whom he referred to as "my very good friend.".

Carmel Sepuloni and Chris Hipkins
The first deputy prime minister of Pasifika descent to serve in New Zealand is Carmel Sepuloni.

The first person of Pasifika descent to hold the position is Carmel Sepuloni, who Mr. Hipkins has named as his deputy.

I represent generations of New Zealanders with mixed heritage and am proud to be Samoan, Tongan, and European, she said. "I would like to acknowledge this's importance to our Pacific community. ".

A little over 8% of New Zealanders identify as being of Pacific island ancestry.

Grant Robertson, the former deputy prime minister, will remain in his position as finance minister, according to Mr. Hipkins, who will announce his full Cabinet at a later time.

In outlining his goals as prime minister, he pledged to support Kiwi families and businesses through the country's cost-of-living crisis, which will be a major topic of discussion during the general election later this year.

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