After a prison break, Brazilian police search for dangerous inmates

search advertisement for the three fugitives that the civil police have let go

After breaking out of prison with two other inmates, one of Rio's most dangerous drug lords, Jean Carlos dos Santos, is being sought by Brazilian police.

By tying together bed sheets and lowering themselves from a prison window to a garbage dump, the three inmates managed to escape from Bangu Prison.

The murder of his attorney by Jean Carlos dos Santos, 37, after the latter failed to secure the release of two gang members, is well known.

Since 2017, he had served time in a prison.

Before his capture, Jean Carlos dos Santos, also known as Jean do Morro do 18, was in charge of a sizable portion of the drug trade in Rio's Morro do 18 favela.

In addition, a court found him and another gang member responsible for the murder and body-hoarding of his lawyer, Roberto Viegas Rodrigues.

According to an investigation, Rodrigues received payment to secure the release of two members of the gang of dos Santos. He was shot dead after failing to get their release. .

The names of the two additional fugitives who escaped from custody early on Sunday are Marcelo Sterque and Lucas da Concei├žo.

The three wanted individuals, who are all regarded as being very dangerous, have all been photographed by police.

One of them, Marcelo Sterque, had once momentarily escaped from the same prison. In order to attempt a contract killing that another prisoner had ordered, he escaped from the facility in 2015.

Sterque fired 13 shots at the woman before going back to his cell. At the time, it was discovered through an investigation that prison guards had been bought off to allow him to escape and then return unmolested.

The victim, however, pulled through and was able to pin Sterque as the shooter.

Prison officials announced on Sunday that a probe was underway to ascertain the precise facts surrounding this most recent escape.

Prisoner visits have been suspended in the interim, and 18 prisoners with ties to Jean Carlos dos Santos have been moved to new prisons.


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