BBC India: After three days, the search for the offices in Mumbai and New Delhi is over

On Wednesday, a police officer stood watch outside the BBC office in New Delhi

After three days, the BBC offices in India were searched by tax authorities.

On Tuesday, the authorities raided the offices in New Delhi and Mumbai, subjecting the staff to in-depth questioning or ordering them to spend the night there.

The BBC stated that it would "continue to cooperate with the authorities" and hoped that the situation would be resolved quickly. ".

It stated that it "will report without fear or favor.".

The investigation was launched a few weeks after a documentary by the BBC that criticized Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was broadcast in the UK.

The BBC continued, "We are supporting staff, some of whom have endured protracted interrogations or have been required to stay overnight, and their welfare is our priority.

"Our output has returned to normal, and we are still dedicated to providing for our audiences in India and elsewhere.

"The BBC is a reputable, independent media outlet, and we support our colleagues and journalists who will continue to report objectively. ".

the documentary from the BBC. The Modi Issue in India. only in the UK, but the Indian government has made an effort to prevent people from sharing it by labeling it "hostile propaganda and anti-India garbage" with a "colonial mindset.".

The prime minister's involvement in anti-Muslim violence in Gujarat in 2002, when he was the state's chief minister, was the subject of the documentary.

The Indian government was given the opportunity to respond to the documentary, according to the BBC, but it turned it down.

A non-profit organization that supports press freedom, the Editors Guild of India, stated earlier this week that it was "deeply concerned" about the searches.

They continued a "trend of using government agencies to intimidate and harass press organizations that are critical of government policies or the ruling establishment," it claimed.

Authorities have been accused of "trying to harass and intimidate the BBC over its critical coverage of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party," according to the board of Amnesty International India.

However, the party claimed that the searches were legal and that the timing of them was unrelated to the government.

The BBC has been referred to as the "most corrupt organization in the world," according to Gaurav Bhatia, a spokesman for Mr. Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is currently in power.

As long as you don't spew venom, India is a country that offers opportunities to every organization, he claimed.

. "

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