Bodies discovered in plane wreck on volcano in the Philippines

Rescue workers scale Mayon Volcano to look for a crashed Cessna 340's wreckage

The bodies of all four occupants of a small plane that crashed into an active volcano in the Philippines last week have been discovered by rescuers.

Authorities confirmed the deaths of the two Australian passengers and two Filipino pilots on Thursday.

Since Sunday, when the airplane wreckage was discovered about 300m (985ft) from the crater, search teams have been scouring the Mayan volcano's slopes.

According to officials, teams now had to safely retrieve the bodies.

Local authorities in the Philippines say they will look into what caused the plane to crash.

The Cessna 340 airplane vanished on Saturday not long after taking off for Manila from a nearby airport some distance from Mayon.

The deaths of two Australian citizens were confirmed by the government on Thursday. Karthi Santhanam and Simon Chipperfield had previously served as consultants for the Energy Corp. of the Philippines.

Additionally, the company named the pilots: Rufino James Crisostomo Jr. Joel Martin, too.

The foreign minister of Australia sent her condolences to the crash victims' families.

The families of those who have passed away will be in mourning, and Penny Wong said, "I want to say to them that our hearts go out to them in this time of great grief."

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