Bristol Cathedral unveils an exhibition about the Ukraine War

passengers on a train

A display of "heart-wrenching and moving" images of Ukraine during the war has begun.

The free exhibition by the disaster relief organization RE:ACT aims to provide a window into life in Ukraine over the previous 12 months.

The exhibition Capturing Conflict opens on the same day as the war's beginning anniversary.

Up until March 6th, the images will be displayed on a screen at Bristol Cathedral.

Refugees through a rainy window
At the Medyka crossing in eastern Ukraine, a woman waits in a transit bus.

Photographers from both Britain and Ukraine contributed to the exhibit.

They will be put on display with a candle stand and prayer cards for Ukraine.

Ukrainian T-64BV battle tank firing
The Kherson region was occupied at the time as a Ukrainian T-64BV battle tank fired on nearby targets.

"We are honored to highlight the crucial work RE:ACT are doing in Ukraine," said Mandy Ford, the Dean of Bristol.

As the anniversary of the war in Ukraine approaches, we pray for the deceased, the injured and the abducted, the bereaved and the homeless, the people who have fled the conflict and those who have stayed. ".

The exhibition is open when the cathedral is open.

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