Chef helps feed Ukrainian soldiers fighting Russia in the Ukraine war

Robert Woodruff

People in East and West Sussex have provided various forms of assistance to those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine.

A chef from Crowborough named Richard Woodruff claimed that he did not hesitate to travel to Lviv to feed soldiers resisting the Russian invasion.

Every single bar and eatery had been bombed or shot, he claimed. ".

The sights he had witnessed during the conflict, which started with Russia's invasion last 24 February, had moved him.

The Russian boot imprints from when they kicked down the door, pulled the person out, and shot them could still be seen on the front door of one of the houses, which was the most upsetting sight for him, he said.

Mr. Woodruff, the creator of Front Line Kitchen, organizes the delivery of supplies such as food, drones, vehicles, and other items using money raised through social media.

The war's end is something Mr. Woodruff said he is "always hopeful" about.

I hope it's soon, but I'm here until the war is over.

Svetlana working in a West Sussex pub
Svitlana left Ukraine with her parents and her twins, who were six years old.

Svitlana, her parents, and her twin 6-year-old children moved to West Sussex from Dnipro, Ukraine, almost a year ago, and she now works in a bar in East Dean, close to Chichester.

Her kids have started first grade, and she is taking English classes.

She remarked, "I have had a really brilliant experience in the UK because we met so many wonderful people when we first arrived here in April.

"(My host) Janet welcomed my family to their home and provided constant support for [us.).

"You welcome our people into your home and your heart. I sincerely appreciate it. ".

She added, "My best friend is on the front line. Many of my friends have stayed in Ukraine and don't want to leave. Trying to assist from the UK,

Even our youngest children are aware of what occurred in Ukraine. ".

I'm so proud of Svitlana; she's a strong young woman who brought her family here and just got on with it, said Janet Holt, who is hosting Svitlana and her family.

. "

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